Revisiting three favourite posts

Life goes better with plum plonk

Erica Johnson from WordPress suggested that we link to the three posts we consider our best since taking up the Postaday Challenge four months ago.

I’m thinking – this is not an easy task.

Since committing to the challenge I have spent considerable time thinking about what to write, which photograph might best complement my words, thinking about throwing the towel in and then feeling so enthused by the comments I’ve had from other bloggers. There haven’t been many, but with each one I’ve felt a connection and have been so grateful that they’ve been inspired to key in a few words.

I set out with the intention of developing my voice through writing. I hadn’t realised that I’d be making new friends as well.

What a fabulous bonus!!!

So, to my favourite three posts this year: debt would I say to my 16-year-old self? time again

Scrolling back through all my posts to select those I would revisit, I was staggered by the number of posts I’ve written. An achievement in itself … thank you WordPress for issuing the challenge and for your daily encouragement.


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