Thoughts on Mother’s Day

My parents - the older I get, the more I miss them ...

Tomorrow – in New Zealand – it’s Mother’s Day. A day to honour our mothers and show them how special they are … to thank them for  bringing us into the world, for their love and support, for the sacrifices they made for us, and for being the rock in our lives.

I know it’s just another opportunity for retailers to make a buck and I don’t buy (sorry about the pun) in to the commercial aspect of it. A reminder, not that we should need it, is a good thing though.

Sadly my mother died in 1985 taken too young at 65. She left before I could truly appreciate and comprehend the enormous love she had for her children, and the lengths she would go to for that love. Yes, I knew the theory – but it is only after years of being a mother myself that I know how deeply a mother feels.

Not a day goes by – it doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day – without me wishing she was still with us. I wish that my children had the love and companionship of their grandmother, wish that we could all could share our joys and the sorrows with her, wish that we could have the benefit of her wisdom, and wish that I could repay – with more love – her emotional investment in me.

I envy friends whose parents are still in their lives.

My need for her has not diminished over the years. If anything it has grown.

I figure that the best thing we, as mothers, can do to honor our parents is to be the most awesome mothers and grandmothers we can possibly be. Impart boundless love, caring and joy, and relish to the full whatever may come our way.

Simple words ‘I love you’ are the best.

Their love (and their children’s love) in return is all we need.


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