The silver lining

The birds are back! Native Tui enjoys the peace and quiet

The saying goes that every cloud has a silver lining.

I’ve found this to be true many times in the past, and now it’s happening again – in my own back yard.

Our family pet Toby was a splendid guard dog – not!  In fact any visitor to the house was welcomed with great enthusiasm – generous tail wagging and lots of nose nuzzling.

He was much more interested in patrolling HIS airspace.

That was the scenario for birds. Any creature that flew within sight and sound received loud and continuous barking. The neighbors weren’t particularly appreciative, and at times, nor was I. Toby never responded to my heated requests to ‘shut it’ but if neighbor Barbara (very fearsome) issued the same, he curled his tail inwards and stopped.

He also showed excessive vigilance when I hung out the washing.

His angst with the avian world meant that birds didn’t often linger on our rata tree – a good source of delicious sap. With Zealandia (I encourage you to visit this site if you’re interested in nature, or in New Zealand)- a bird sanctuary – nearby, there was certainly no lack of them. Toby’s patrol was an effective one.

Now that he’s gone we have the silver lining. Every morning, and at times during the day, the rata tree is alive with the beautiful song of the tui and I hear them flapping as they move from branch to branch, gorging.

Music to my ears!


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