Doorway mystique

Doorway in Rozelle, Sydney, Australia

I love doorways. Those through which we make our entrances and exits.

They have a mystique. What lies behind them? Who lives within? Is the hallway dark and gloomy or light and fresh?

Doorways give a tantalising glimpse of the people who live within – of the care they take in inviting their guests to enter, making them feel welcome from the very first sight. I love creating an image of who they might be.

I’m picking that the family behind this doorway are young. The absence of shoes, bikes or prams makes me think they mightn’t have children. They both work though hence the leaves on the beautiful paving. They love colour – it takes guts to paint your fence blue! The grille on the door is for security – they can lock it during the heat of summer and have the black front door open to let the breeze flow through their lovely little villa.

I particularly love doors with stained glass windows. Not only do they give a feeling of love on the exterior, the coloured lights reflected inside is even more beautiful. Our door has stained glass panelling. It was the first feature I fell in love with. I love the many coloured lights … I find them very calming, ‘gemütlich’.

‘Gemütlich’ is the word a german friend of mine uses to describe homes that embrace you and make you feel cosy.

Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand


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