Dressing in the name of sport

He could be a chief executive

On a day-to-day basis men (New Zealand men that is) seem less inclined to wear statement clothing – clothing with personality. Bright colours, layering and edgy styles are not a common sight. I noticed quite a different attitude in London and Paris last year. Men dress with a lot more attitude.

When it comes to sport however, anything goes! There’s a very simple reason…men will do or wear anything to win a game, and top support a game.

They will shave off all their body hair, they will wear skintight lycra bodysuits, they will wear shorts that look like skirts if they think it will help them win or fit in with the team or with their mates.

As long as the piece of apparel has an instantly recognisable and high-profile logo, it’s ok. It has the male tick of approval.

Clothing gets even more extreme with events like the annual international Sevens (rugby) tournament. The tournament is held during the first week of February – the New Zealand summer – and the weather is usually glorious. Hoardes of men – in the name of sport – take to the streets in everything from nappies (read: diapers) to evening gowns, dressed predominantly as women!

Professionalism and conservatism are tossed to the wind … freedom! I love it.

Personally speaking though, if I’m going to go somewhere in a costume – it’s got to be glam. There’s no way I want to go out in public looking like a hag (as I’ve done on stage) or anything other than a a sexy siren! I owe it to myself … I’m not stupid about it. No extreme hot pants or plunging decolletage – simply glam. Like the man pictured, I have standards!


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