Old friendships

Old friends - being comfortable in each others company, MoMA, New York

I was recently reminded just how special old friends are, and of the strength of friendships made decades ago.

I met up with a couple of school friends. One had been a neighbour while we were young and we used to walk to and from school every day. We kept in contact after leaving school, but then she moved north, married and had her family.

The other lived nearby for a short time when her children were very young.

Our chatter – over a drink – picked up much where we left off all those years before. The same laughter and mannerisms, the same liking for the same sorts of things. It was magic!

With old friends, the characteristics and qualities we loved so much when we became friends are still there. We recognise and admire our differences and love the way time has kept true to them.

Michele had always been a talented performer at school. She was a wonderful dancer and actor, petite and gregarious. She is still an actor, having recently presented a very successful one-woman comedy act in Wellington. Last week she came down again and took part in a fund raising celebrity debate (for another school friend who’s son is representing New Zealand in June in the Special Olympics) – in the character of her majesty. She was brilliant! Another schoolfriend who also went along to the debate  didn’t recognise the Queen until she opened her mouth…

When we got together after the debate, it was as the gaggle of schoolgirls we once were.

Some things just never change!

I love old friends. The relationship is very comforting – no explanation is ever needed. The support is always there no matter how many miles or how much time lies between us.

I think much of the strength lies in the fact that we were growing up together. We have a common bond in having sat in the same classes with the same teachers. Of having been pitted against each other academically, on the sports field and on the stage. We used to talk about the future and what we’d like to do, who we might marry and where we’d like to live. The outcomes are not far from the mark in many respects!

School friendships grow out of being in the same environment at the same point in time, and being drawn together simply because you like each other.

Newer friendships just happen.

All friendships are magic – like precious gems. they never lose their sparkle, their brilliance or their inestimable value!


4 thoughts on “Old friendships

  1. JAx

    This is so true and so beautifully put. Plus I totally LOVE that photo. I really hope that I am that cool and groovy when I am that age and that I am sitting outside MoMA in NY too! Lovely post.


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