Minds are made for changing

Recent fun

We, the Orpheus Choir, were rehearsing on Tuesday night for our ‘Evening with Cole Porter’ concert in October. We performed a similar concert about two years ago and absolutely loved it.

Traditionally, we sing classical or contemporary choral music – but for something different we commissioned a jazz musician to arrange many of Cole Porter’s songs for a more upbeat show. It was a huge success.

Last time round (Nov 2009) Television New Zealand’s Good Morning Show invited us in to give the music a bit of an airing. If you’re interested, follow the link to hear and see a few of us – we normally number around 80-90 – sing a couple of medleys from the concert. (An e-chocolate fish for anyone who can guess which one is me!)

To get to the point  …

Our interim Music Director is adding his own special touch to the arrangements. He’s a wonderfully enthusiastic talented guy who really likes to vamp things up. After suggesting a variation on his original interpretation of the score, he changed his mind saying as he did so:

(Note to reader: imagine very camp South London voice)

“Well, my Gran always said minds are made for changing, so I am.”

I’ve been thinking that all week. I kind of like it!

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