Blogging dilemma

Is this my good side?

There are days when I have no idea what to write about. Today is one such day – I’m struggling.

The suggested topic doesn’t do much for me – noble as it is. It’s everyone’s responsibility to change the world, it can’t possibly happen in the hands of the few.

I could post a photograph for the challenge – numbers. That’d cover the fact that I’m lost for words.

The other day I moved a post I’d published the day before back to my drafts folder. I was unsure whether or not it should be in the public arena because it mentioned another person’s name. It was a tribute to departing friend – a music director – who has enriched the lives of many over the past six years. I deliberated. I edited again and again, changed the photo again and again, published, sent him the link and then took it down.

I haven’t deleted it. It’s just sitting there while I make up my mind.

Like a pot simmering. I haven’t got a photograph of a pot simmering, it’d blur the lens anyway.

An exotic sheep is far more interesting …


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