Maybe I should take up pole dancing

Give me a pole - I can do it! I'll even correct the wimpish looking hand ...

I’m always on for learning new fun ways of keeping fit. I get a bit bored swimming up and down, up and down – looping the loop. It’s solitary – which is ok – and easy to forgo in the cold winter months.

I thought Zumba might do the trick. I love dancing and love music … couldn’t find a class to suit. The last time I took part in group exercise – some kind of pump class – I pulled a muscle in the warm up. So, I didn’t look very hard – tsk tsk.

Then there was an article in one of the local papers on pole dancing. Every time I see one of these articles, I’m fascinated. I just know that if I tried it, if I summoned up enough courage to go to a class, I’d love it. I love the idea of shimmying up a pole, extending my arms, arching my back, my body consumed in graceful movement. In my dreams I can do it, I know I can. In my dreams I can fly …

It doesn’t look as if you need many clothes – fishnet tights and a bit of lycra. I wear far less in the pool. I’ve even got a long blonde wig I bought when appearing as Lady Gaga for a fancy dress party.

What’s holding me back!


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