Hobson’s choice

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Ever wondered where the saying ‘Hobson’s choice’ comes from or what it means? Hobson’s choice, Hobson’s choice ….

I had no idea so decided to investigate. Better than looking vacant and shaking my head in tacit agreement! I looked in my handy reference guide on all things literate – Troublesome Words by the famous Bill Bryson.

Aha!!!  Hobson’s choice means no choice at all.

Way back in the sixteenth century a stable-keeper named Thomas Hobson came up with a novel way of hiring out his horses using a strict rotation method to make sure his charges were not over or under-worked. When the customers came, he would take their money and tell them to take the horse nearest the door – or none at all. Simple …

I’ve been doing this all my life. Dinner’s on the table … like it or lump it!


One thought on “Hobson’s choice

  1. Joss

    Hobson’s Choice. Never heard of it till now but I like it! I used to tell my kids “I’m sure the restaurant down the road is serving something different if you don’t like the menu here”. heh heh. Now I tell that to my cat the odd time she turns her nose up at her food.


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