Appreciating authenticity

Pour it over the schnitzel, add some grated cheeses and bake ... yummm

Tuesday night is choir night and when I was working full-time I got into the habit of making on a Monday night a quantity sufficient for two meals. (My partner’s favourites would be green chicken or malaysian curries.) While I’m between jobs, the habit continues.

Yesterday I peered in the freezer and finally decided on doing something with the veal scallopine cuts. Veal, when you can get it, is an expensive meat here. It makes the most tender mouth-watering schnitzel.

Schnitzel and salad for Monday night, then a possibly a transformation to veal parmigiana for Tuesday. Checked in the pantry and found a jar of Jamie Oliver’s pasta sauce (with chilli) so nodded my head, a high five for YES! and the decision was made.

My partner smiled at my excellent idea….

So I arrived home today and looked at the jar. Mmmm – sugar, preservative. Then I looked at my fresh ingredients – tomatoes, onions, garlic, chilli, basil, cracked pepper and salt – and started chopping. The result is in the pan, simmering away. It’s probably not an authentic version of the sauce; the end result however, is bound to be far better than sauce from a jar. The smell alone tells the story – a divine aroma of garlic, tomatoes and basil has taken over the house. I love it.

The only ingredients missing are friends to share it with…

Authenticity rules.


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