Eeeks – my teeth are falling out!

Funny things happen in dreams ... thankfully I've never dreamed of drowning in the loo. Perhaps I will tonight.

Recurring dreams. Interesting but pesky interruptions to a good night’s sleep.

I confess to not having had this dream for a while. When it does take over my sleeping hours it feels so real. My teeth are falling out – as I bite into some tasty morsel a tooth comes loose and embeds itself in the food; I’m talking with friends and out spits a tooth; I can feel them all going off-kilter, detaching from my gums and dropping like flies.

It’s so real, so much so that when I waken I run my tongue over my teeth to make sure they’re all there.

I’m sure there’s a simple explanation as to why I have this dream. I know for sure it doesn’t foretell:

  • coming into a bucketload of money
  • a new, exciting and torrid romance or
  • hugely magnificent singing success leading to a fabulous international career with loads and loads of travel.
Maybe it’s telling me that I’m overdue for trip to the dentist, have a dreadful case of doggy breath (halitosis), or that I should take extreme measures to curb my sweet tooth. Girlfriend, you’re a diabetic – get with the plan and lay off the licorice!

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