What would cause me to protest?

City to Sea Bridge - one of my favourite spots in Wellington

When I first considered this topic my initial reaction was that nothing could cause me to protest, especially as part of a crowd – I do not have a mob mentality and being a little on the short side, I hate being in a position where there’s no space around me and where I can’t see above peoples’ heads.

I worked several times many years ago in the bi-annual Kirkcaldie & Stains sales. The first days of the sale in particular, put me off sales and large crowds forever. I hated it. Do I need to go on about the hideous behaviour of women in sales??? Another blog coming …

Anyway as I said my initial reaction was ‘no’. But that’s not right – I would.

A protest though, not a riot.

If I believed the beauty of our city (Wellington) was being compromised in any way, I would definitely join a protest. Although I didn’t feel strongly enough to protest about the recent proposal to erect a ‘Wellywood’ sign near the airport by driving my car round and round the roundabout while tooting loudly. I wrote a blog entitled ‘Today’s most infuriating headline’. A soft protest … but seriously, threaten to endanger my stunning environment and I’ll be out there on the pedestal.

More important than the environment though, are my children. If anyone, absolutely anyone threatened my children in any way I’d protest. I’d write letters, I’d knock on doors, I’d hound the villain(s) mercilessly, I’d stalk, I’d sling cow dung, I’d organise street marches, I’d move heaven and earth to protect them … motherhood is like that.


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