Weekly photo challenge: Worn

Worse for wear...

I fell in love with the Sanderson fabric many years ago and had two two-seaters sofas made up in it for my previous home. They looked so beautiful by the fireside and suited the style and age of the house.

At the time the design was full of rich blues, greens and deep pinks. I love these sorts of colours.

I remember eagerly awaiting their arrival … they seemed to take months to come. Then the day they arrived I took lots of photos of my delighted kids perching, sitting, lying and even fighting on the lovely new sofa – it was a very special day. The photos are still on the wall of our family room!

The sofas haven’t really worn well even thought they’er about 18 years old. They look unloved and uncared for. They have many threadbare patches like the one pictured. Oddly though, the patches are all vaguely rectangular in shape and only in this part of the design – the central core of the blue foliage which was once deep pink. They form a neat row of patches along the arms and back of the sofas.


Sad – I still really love the fabric! That hasn’t changed …


One thought on “Weekly photo challenge: Worn

  1. Joss

    Fabric looks lovely. I can see why your chose it. Some parts, of fabric, and of the fabric of our life, wear out sooner than others!!


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