Weekly photo challenge: Worn, the story

No sign of volcanic ash here ...

Is there a way to photograph patience?

Mine is wearing a little thin today … I was scheduled to visit Melbourne (Australia) with my daughter. Melbourne is approximately a four hour flight from New Zealand. In order to make the trip together I must first fly from Wellington to Auckland.

Sadly, volcanic ash from Chile is playing havoc with our plans.

Today’s flight from Auckland to Melbourne has been cancelled. In order to rebook I’ve had to wait in one of those interminable phone queues … you know, the ones that play muzac interspersed with cheerful voices from staff telling you how valued your business is, and other sorts of irrelevant tit-bits.

I sat there on my bed prepared for the long haul, tray on my lap with all-bran, kiwifruit, cellphone and documentation. Too cold to be anywhere else at that hour of the morning. Rebooking, when my call was finally answered, was simple. Now, I just have to hope that the ash cloud has lifted by tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I’ll have to go through the whole procedure again!

But wait there’s more …this isn’t the whole story folks …

I arrived early (thank goodness) at Wellington airport for my domestic flight to Auckland. While scanning my e-ticket a lovely young man came up to assist – no I’m not that doddery or incompetent I thought – and pointed out that the flight I’d booked was Auckland to Wellington, and visa versa for the return trip. Showing his pearly white teeth in a broad grin, he told me that rebooking was going to be expensive.

GRRRRR!!! Maybe I’m not as competent as I thought.

So, I had to wait in queue number two, another long one because everyone’s flights have been affected. $$$$$$ later I walked away with the last available seat to Auckland today.

I’m feeling quite worn …

I’ve since heard that there’s been another earthquake in Japan. When considered with those that having been plaguing Christchurch recently and the spewing volcano in Chile, I really can’t complain.

Whatever happens this weekend, happens …


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