Everything happens for a reason …

The volcanic ash cloud (wherever it was) looked pretty tame to me ...

After a weekend of disrupted travel plans, I’m struggling to decide whether everything happens for a reason.

Did Mount Puyehoe in Chile spew it’s volcanic ash simply to foil my weekend away? If I am to believe that everything happens for a reason – then what was it?

I arrived in Auckland (en route to Melbourne) prepared for the possibility of delay. The delays turned to cancellations and after five of them I decided it was time to chuck in the towel, cut my losses and return to Wellington. A four-day break in Melbourne morphed into a three-day break in Auckland.

I’ve rationalised this event to find the positive.

  • I got to spend time with my future extended family getting to know them better. Schlepping around pyjama-clad and mug in hand in the morning breaks down all sorts of barriers!
  • I made friends with Ruby the dog and Daphne the cat.
  • I got to spend time with an old school friend renewing very close bonds we shared many years ago.
  • I got to know the Auckland streets a little better even though I still refuse to drive there.
  • I enjoyed time with my lovely lovely daughter and her equally lovely fiancee.
Each one of these times is incredibly special and treasured … every cloud – even an ash one – has a silver lining. I’m not entirely convinced though that absolutely everything happens for a reason.
Sometimes things just happen …

1 thought on “Everything happens for a reason …

  1. Joss

    finding joy in the moment rather than spending the moment frustrated because our plans got changed? It’s something to work towards isn’t it?
    walk in beauty.


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