Do we need another social network?

Engaging an audience in real time ...

Do we really need another social network? Google seems to think we do, with Google +, but I’m not so sure!

I thoroughly enjoy the networking aspects of WordPress. I’ve made friends with bloggers from far afield and even closer to home – people who would never otherwise have come within my radar. WordPress has also given me the opportunity and freedom to write about whatever takes my fancy. Sometimes, as with today, I’ll pen (oops – tap) a few thoughts on the daily topic, otherwise I’ll air gripes, tell a story or profess love for life in general.

Facebook give me license to delve into the loves and lives of my friends, see what they’re up to, find out who their other friends are and then take a millisecond trip on the outskirts of their day. I can ‘like’ their updated profile, I can ‘unlike’ it too,  I can comment on their comments and on comments of their friends – or I can totally ignore them. I can make new friends of total strangers – although I never do – and I can search and connect with people I haven’t heard from in years.

Recently I made ‘friends’ with two my late brother’s closest friends (See Lessons we’ve learned – Grief #101). Forty years ago, I was just the annoying kid sister – the little voice on the end of the phone, the face that peered through the white wrought iron balustrade as they came through the door. These two FB friendships are incredibly special and would not have happened but for the growth of social media.

Twitter is the one medium I haven’t spent much time exploring. I did sign up for it in order to learn more, but I don’t see it has much relevance to me, I prefer writing proper sentences. I support its importance as an engaging marketing tool and I applaud it for that purpose. But I, personally, do not need to know that Cory had baked beans for breakfast and is now suffering. Far too much information!

I’m quite happy with the social networks we have – they work for me.

The more information we share about our private (and business) lives, the more open we are to invasion of the lives we hold so dear. We have to be so careful nowadays – hackers are always lurking, thieves are at the ready. Already slaves to the world of networking, you only need to look at people walking the streets at any time of the day or night with cellphones glued to their ears or look at what’s sitting alongside coffee cups on cafe tables. People arrive there for breakfast, unload their laptops and are unwilling to engage in conversation. Rather than looking at what’s around them, they only look at the screen in front of them, not even gazing at their coffee cup as they pick it up to take a sip.

Keeping up with social media takes time. We are time precious these days …. how much of our real lives are we willing to forfeit in order to keep up with our online lives?


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