Matchmaker, matchmaker …

Matchmaking is just part of our lives ...

“Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match

Find me a find

Catch me a catch …

Couldn’t help but sing this to myself (with yiddish pronunciation) when I saw a little red VW Golf with its quirky numberplate pass by today. I’ve always been a great lover of  Fiddler on the Roof. I remember my father taking me to see it when it came to Wellington in the 60s. Fiddler was my first ever musical – it ignited a lifelong love of live performance.

If I were a rich man was my favourite songSo much so that for years, I used it as my audition piece, with yiddish pronunciation of course! It seemed to me quite a natural choice as I’ve got a good ear for accents and felt in tune with the sentiments. I was very young, there was nothing stopping me. I didn’t know then that some songs are written for men and some for women – life was a level playing field. It didn’t occur to me that being a girl was a bit of a hurdle and no-one (especially not my father) was about to tell me so.

I still sing If I were a rich man – but only at home when no-one’s listening.

I also loved singing the Matchmaker song.

We go through life looking for matches in everything; matching is not limited to finding the ideal soulmate. It goes so much further … pets, house, furnishings, car, clothing, shoes, jobs and music to name a few.

We seek out those things which best reflect our personality, where we are at this point in time, and our pocket!

Matchmaking on a daily basis.


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