Loaded messages

Une petite french morsel!

This morning, while sitting over a coffee in the local cafe, I picked up a magazine and opened it to the editorial. Even without my glasses I was able to read enough to want to read more.

The editorial written by Natalie bridges is entitled ‘Loaded messages’ is in the latest (Winter 2011) New Zealand Simply You magazine.

I wrote a blog recently expressing similar sentiments; this says it so much better.

“What we wear on our backs cannot be underestimated for its immediate and daily power to move those around you. For all those who belittle fashion, confining it to the realms of frivolity, ask them to ponder the following.

What you decided to pull out of your wardrobe this morning was a loaded message. Those clothes were the vehicle in which you went about your business, transferring important impressions to all who saw you. Those clothes may have been the one single communication you had with that person who walked past you on the stairs or with the one who stood behind you in the queue at the supermarket. Your clothes may have amused someone, shocked another, made the person sitting across from you on the bus jealous or intrigued.

My point is that, rightly or wrongly, we are being judged by our appearance – our clothes, our hair, our make-up – all the time. Our appearance can influence people, help you make friends with people, allow you to more easily fit in with a group or, by the same token, set you apart. It can mean the difference between getting that dream job – or missing out because you were inappropriately attired in the eyes of the interviewer.

from the feminists who burned their bras in the Sixties for equality, to the power-asserting suiting of the Eighties and the current return to prim and proper two-piece feminine dressing (which can be interpreted in all manner of ways – are we reverting back or are we now comfortable in our own skin?), clothes are the loaded symbols of our age, of our social status and trends.

While we were shooting the best of New Zealand fashion in the exquisite city of Florence for this issue, I was in awe of the polished presentation of Italian women. They were not necessarily in the most ground-breaking trends, but their attention to detail – well-pressed, groomed hair, perfect nails and make-up, opting for classic elegance as opposed to fads – made a big and positive impact on me and on the impression I took away from the country.”

This is so true.

How much better and more positive I feel when I walk out the door knowing that I’ve got it right – that the way I look reflects the way I feel.

The woman pictured caught my eye for all the above reasons. Oh, to be young again! It was late afternoon a street in Saint Germaine, Paris and in her hand she carries a pastry from the famous patissiere Paul.


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