Two hundred more …

The smiles a hug can bring ... priceless!

If I could have 200 more of anything – what would I choose?

Would I want more money. Perhaps $200, or perhaps 200 x $50 notes as one blogger suggested, maybe even 200 x $100 notes …tempting…

Two hundred more sleeps – unless I took them as naps during the day, they’d at least buy me a bit of extra time. Two hundred more nights – definitely useful.

Two hundred more tubes of moisturiser might see me out. I could bequest the remainder to a good cause. But they’d run the risk of  turning rancid. What a waste that would be of my 200 wish.

I don’t really want 200 more possessions – my life is cluttered enough as it is. I’m at the stage where I want to purge, not acquire.

What I would really like are 200 hugs – not all at once. Evenly spaced especially when I need them or when I want to give them. I’d love them with my family but heartfelt hugs with friends are just as precious. Warm genuine embraces, the sort that leave you feeling special, leave you feeling loved – ones where you’re giving as much a receiving. I’d really love that …


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