Monthly Archives: August 2011

Weekly photo challenge: Up 2

Looking up on the way to work

One of my favourite street sculptures – Protoplasm by Phil Price. Heartfelt thanks to the Wellington Sculpture Trust for giving us so many stunning works to admire and enjoy as we walk our city streets.

I would love to hold these giant green pebbles, rub their smooth surfaces and enjoy the gentle curves. Of course, if I was to find  chocolate in the middle – the experience would be totally divine and delicious!

Photographed along Lambton Quay, Wellington.

Weekly photo challenge: Flowers 2

Winter roses - correct me if I'm wrong

These photographs were taken this morning in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens – a beautiful place to stride out on a calm and clear winter’s morning. Wonderful trees, lots of well tended lawns and pathways. Mother pushing prams, walkers with extremely happy dogs, and joggers tuned into their iPhones. Definitely the place to be!

An abundance of camellias

I loved it!

Weekly photo challenge: Entrance 2

Entrance to our driveway during snow fall

You may wonder why tyre tracks in the snow is such a big deal. For many of you, it’s no big deal at all – it’s just part of life.

But for us Wellingtonians, snow is a rarity.

The last time we had significant snowfall in Wellington was 1976. I remember it well because my brother had just left the country to go see the Montreal Olympics and we sent him photographs. And several days later my elder brother was tragically killed.

It started snowing here yesterday. Temperatures plumetted, the sky above turned grey, sleet and then snow fell. Roofs and fences were still covered when I awoke this morning even though the roads had cleared. We’ve had intermittent snow falls during the day and because it’s still very cold (due to a polar blast from the Antarctic) it remains. Although the snow looks very thin in the above photograph, it’s several inches thick on our back lawn and roof.

I repeat – this is a highly unusual event for Wellingtonians.

We love it!!!!

Facebook friends (including myself) have posted countless photographs of fun in the snow or flowers in the snow and all conversations begin with talk of snow.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Woozle tracks in the early morning snow