Weekly photo challenge: Broken 5

High time I fixed this!

My little Lladro girl in her nightgown has lain lovingly wrapped in tissue in this shoe box for the best part of 10 years. I remember the day it got broken and how upset I was. It was an accident and I know that the person who broke it was as upset as I was. It’s not that I’d gone out and collected Lladro myself … a few of the pieces I have, including this one, were gifts from my mother. She collected Lladro – always bringing back a special piece when she went overseas. And when my two elder children were born she gifted a piece especially for them. Sadly she died before my third child, but I have a piece for him anyway.

I was given my first piece of Lladro when I became engaged – I’m sure it was this one. When the weekly photo challenge for this week was posted, my thoughts immediately went to my figurine. I knew I had to fess up to my inaction sometime this week. Now that I have, I’m determined to fix her so she can take her place alongside my other treasured pieces.

I’ve never been a great lover of china, but I appreciated that my mother was. When I went overseas in my early twenties I remember going into an exquisite china shop on Kensington High Street, London. I really wanted to buy my mother a special piece; I knew she’d love it because parents always love gifts from children don’t we – handmade gifts especially.

I chose a plate – bread and butter size plate. It was made by Rosenthal and depicted a scene from Mozart’s ‘Eine kleine Nachtmuzik’. It was vibrant – with beautiful bright colours, including deep azure blue and gold. I remember it costing me 45 pounds – a fortune even in those days. It was worth every penny … Of course she loved it putting it on display with her other plates.

Some years later, after she’d died, someone knocked the plate off the wall and it broke into little pieces – beyond salvage. I wouldn’t have cared if any of the other plates had broken – they had no special significance to me – but I was upset about this one. It was a gift that I had chosen – it came from my heart. I remember weeping up the pieces and keeping them for ages until such time as I was ready to let them go.

It is indeed time I repaired my little Lladro girl.


5 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Broken 5

  1. juju

    I am glad you are fixing her and put her along with others at her righful place. Please post a follow-up photo when she is fixed.


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