Waiting in the wings …

You saw it here first!

New Zealand is in countdown mode for the Rugby World Cup 2011. Every day is one less as the hype surrounding the event escalates.

Last week this sculpture designed by Weta Workshop – design workshop for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong – appeared on a vacant grassy verge in the city. A final coating was still needed to protect it from the elements of wind, rain and sea salt sop it was covered in blue tarpaulin with only the golden rugby ball and outstretched arm visible. Now that that’s done and the tarps are off it’s awaiting its  final resting place. This spot is only temporary.

When the idea for this was conceived  the plan was that it would sit on our gorgeous waterfront. However, we already have a good number of sculptures on our waterfront and they need space to breathe, not clutter. There is not enough room for a sculpted line-out.  Several other options have been explored but as it’s exceedingly heavy, placing it on anything but firm solid ground has been ruled out.

One wonders …

In the meantime this magnificent work of art (!!!) is fenced off . You can’t get near it, can’t look upwards and see the  passion in the eyes of the players. I might have to go out with my zoom lens to see what more I can see.


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