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Weekly photo challenge: Faces 5

One of the loveliest faces in the world - sadly deceased

I wrote a blog about this lovely man, a man who was part of my life for many many years, a man who took on the role of father and grandfather after my parents died – I entitled it Good Debt .

I said it all in the blog, so I won’t repeat myself. What I will say though is that his face was always full of love, care and compassion. Always smiling, always telling everyone how much he loved them and how special they were to him.  Even as this photo was taken, when he was extremely ill, his love shines through.

I never ever saw him without a shirt and tie!

Weekly photo challenge: Faces 3

Is that rain on your glasses?

Photographed in Civic Square, Wellington on a drizzly day.

Like me, she was checking out the South African food and crafts being exhibited as part of the Rugby World Cup 2011 celebrations in our wonderful city. I asked if I could photograph her hair (see textures) … she was very obliging!

I love the little drops of misty rain in her hair and on her glasses.

Weekly photo challenge: Faces 2

What's it all about ....

Photographed last night at the Westpac Stadium before the Rugby World Cup 2011 game between South Africa and Fiji. I love her beautiful clear skin and enquiring eyes.

Her eyes were on the big screen.

Like most fans in our immediate vicinity, she was supporting Fiji! Unfortunately they came second …

Weekly photo challenge: Faces

New Zealander taking the game very seriously

Photographed tonight at the Rugby World Cup 2011 match between Australia and Fiji at the Wellington (Westpac) Stadium. this man was sitting a few along from me and every time I looked in his direction his gaze was intense. At times he had his chin cupped in his tatooed hand; otherwise he stared straight ahead with the same expression.

It’s good to be a New Zealander right now … we have a lot to be proud of for such a small country. With another eight weeks of competition ahead, we’re in for an exciting time.

Dearest to my heart at each game is the superb singing of the 20 national anthems – sung by choral groups from around the country and accompanied by our very own New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO). The orchestration is beautiful, the singing superb. Considerable effort has gone in to performing each anthem to the highest standard.

Tonight’s game was won by Australia 49-3.

Weekly photo challenge: Texture 4

Textures - feathery and fluffy

These flowers really do look good enough to eat don’t they?

Despite looking so soft and fluffy, they’re actually more like very soft bristles and a little sticky with it. Delicious – to the colourful Lorikeet anyway…

Then there are the leaves – another texture – stiff and waxy.

Ah, the wonders of nature. What a glorious world we live in

Photographed in Noosa, Queensland.