Weekly photo challenge: Texture

Artificial turf gracing Civic Square, Wellington

This may help explain why we have artificial turf in the middle of the city

Rugby World Cup 2011 opened in New Zealand last night with much celebration and excitement, as our little country of four million play host to 20 teams and an expected 100,000 tourists.

Boy did we give it to ’em in the opening ceremony. It was magnificent! A small country with a huge heart and lots of exceptional talent.

Meanwhile textures … the first of those I captured this morning in Civic Square. The artificial rugby pitch has created much excitement with it’s bright colour and soft rubber underlay. At all times of the day and night, people are enjoying it’s texture. They lie on it, sit on it, throw balls on it, play games on it … some walk across quite tentatively, others just run and run and run ….

There have been thoughts that it should stay beyond the World Cup.

This little blogger will play her own part in the World Cup singing in the choir for the anthems of Canada and New Zealand on October 2nd. What a thrill that’ll be … maybe the camera will pan across and you’ll catch a glimpse.


4 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Texture

    1. Rossi Post author

      Sure am … have just sung in memorial concert for 9/11 and Christchurch earthquakes and am now off to support both Wales and South Africa in their first World Cup match!


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