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Weekly photo challenge: Hidden 2

Hidden - what fabric is this garment is made from?

I’m always amazed and intrigues by the patience and tenacity of designers …

We were lucky to get a second row seat at this fashion parade held in ‘The Cloud’ on Auckland’s waterfront during the recent Rugby World Cup 2011. I had great fun snapping away as the models paraded in front of me.

The garments featured (with a rear view below) were made from toilet paper! Very impressive don’t you think … and multipurpose!

The same dress from behind - and another ...

Weekly photo challenge: Hidden

Hidden behind the lens

I’ve been offline for a while – preoccupied with a work project and other important activities namely the Rugby World Cup 2011.

When I saw this week’s photo challenge, I felt the need to share this image. I’m obscured – definitely the best way to be.

This photograph was taken at the newly renovated and refurbished Auckland Art Gallery, which I absolutely love. It is stunningly beautiful and houses many wonderful works of art including the above installation entitled Environment III (1973) by Belgian artist Luc Piere (1916-1994). It is made from mirrored glass, perspex and paint. Superb!