Rossi’s daily photo challenge: the eyes have it!

Move over Justin Beiber

Happy New Year – may this year bring you all that you wish for, especially good health, lots of love, laughter and a over-abundance for friendship.

Sadly, my pages have lain dormant since I returned to work in late August … and efforts at fulfilling the daily WordPress challenge were quashed. Life took over, as it does some times.

But I’m back and have set myself a challenge for 2012. A photo a day focussing on eyes, smiles and laughter – energising my pages for the year ahead. I really hope I can accomplish my goal, and that maybe I get better at capturing moments with people.

It’s so much easier photographing inanimate objects.

This little fella (generic term as I don’t know the gender) was a guest at the New Years Day lunch we shared with friends today. She was one of four canine guests – and was extremely well behaved, especially when I asked her to model for me.

Let’s see how I get on with two-legged models – I welcome your ideas and feedback.


3 thoughts on “Rossi’s daily photo challenge: the eyes have it!

    1. Rossi Post author

      Thanks so much Jess! I really hope I can keep up with posting daily … I may have to cheat every now and again, as I have done today. All the best for your offerings as well. I look forward to reading them. Warm and happy thoughts for 2012 – walk in beauty and good health!


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