Rossi’s daily photo challenge: Quirky mozaic-style garden

Floral humour

I had a bit of an accident this morning – nothing serious mind you. We’ve had extremely heavy rain for the past two days resulting in lots of surface water. When I went outside this morning – in my bare feet – to put out the recycling, I slipped on the paving and gave my head rather a nasty crack.

So for most of today I’ve been nursing a sore head with a bruise the size of a golf ball just over my hairline.

I didn’t feel much like searching for subjects to snap, so have gone into my folders.

This photo was taken last November at a cafe a few kilometres out of Taupo. It’s called L’Arte Cafe, Gallery and Garden. The colourful garden hosts an abundance of mozaic forms, quirky figures, bright green and blue fish, bathtubs and metal sheep. The cafe, with ceramic sculptures adorning the walls and a huge mozaic tile counter is a really cheerful place. Bright and funky with  excellent service, and huge smiles on all the friendly faces – I loved it. The food was delicious, the coffee was  good – strong, gutsy and enervating. Just what I needed…

In front of the cafe was a large natural amphitheatre and as we were leaving a guitarist had taken to the stage performing cruisey Sunday morning music. His voice was magic, the sound perfect for the setting. How I longed to lie on the lawn, hands behind my head and luxuriate in the day.

Just thinking about it and looking at the photos has made me smile!

Sheep may safely graze - or is that rams?


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