Rossi’s not-so-daily photo challenge: Betty Draper here we come!!!

How many women are needed to hang out a sheet?

I’ve recently become addicted to Mad Men … I missed the series when it screened, possibly because it coincided with rugby games! However I’m now in the act of catching up. We had such ghastly whether over the summer break that sitting down in front of the telly was not a choice – it was mandatory.

What do I love about it? Well, I love the fashions … boy some those women really dressed with style. Slim fitting dresses, glamorous hair styles, gorgeous high heels and oh so perky breasts! How did they make them stay up like that???

And I love some of the one-liners. For instance when Betty’s daughter enters the living room with a dry cleaning bag over her head. What we we say “Get that bag off your head – you could suffocate!” What does Betty say (forgive me if I haven’t recorded it verbatim) “I hope this doesn’t mean you’ve left my dry cleaning lying in a pile on the floor!” Love it, love it, love it …

Smoking! Everyone smoked … cigarettes everywhere … and some of the men’s attitudes to women were pretty despicable. Seriously guys …

I’ve finished series one, and am now waiting to borrow series two from a colleague. I wish she’d remember to bring it in for me … we’re in for another spate of wind and rain over the weekend – more Mad Men would be a welcome distraction.

I think there’s a lot of Betty Draper in this pic (taken at my daughter’s hen party) … one must always dress well when hanging out the washing. I have an even better photo but will have to get permission before I share it with you.


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