Rossi’s fall-from daily photo challenge: Anyone for Basil?

Beautiful basil

I started this year off in a hiss and a roar – for a few days anyway – my challenge being to everyday post eyes, smiles and laughter.  I was back at my desk on the 4th and my challenge has proved harder than I anticipated. Not the least because we’ve been plagued with filthy weather – seemingly incessant rain and unbearable wind.

Nobody smiles in the wind – except me today – it’s hard enough walking.

I braved the elements this afternoon and decided to capture an image of my windswept face. I hadn’t reckoned on user-error with the camera. I had the dial set to ‘movie’ … far far too much information. The upside was that the walk blew out any cobwebs I had  lurking … and although sporting a bit of windburn, I felt refreshed and invigorated.

So instead, basil graces my page. A most beautiful fragrant herb undoubtedly my favourite. It’s the basil time of the year; I always try to keep a plant on my kitchen bench (Americans/Canadians: read ‘counter’). I love soaking in the delicious aroma … love using it in salads,  love the bright green leaves, love their texture and love their flavour.

My favourite dish with basil would have to be the very simple Insalata Caprese. Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and olive oil. What more do you need to make a delicious summer dish?

Basil, take a bow!

This is not my kitchen and not my basil. There’s a smile in the background and the promise of an enticing meal.


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