Rossi’s photo challenge: Linking smiles

Early in the romance

Ever wonder where your smile comes from … or that of your children?

I’ve spent considerable time recently looking examining and re-examining my daughter’s wedding photographs. I’ve loved every minute of it just like I did the wedding. I see links to our past in them.

Everyone has always said I have my father’s ready smile. He had, and I have a tendency to smile at everything and at anyone – most of the time. But when I look at this picture taken in the early ’40s, I see my nephew. I do see my sons as well, but it’s my nephew I see first.

I know I bear some sort of resemblance to my mother, our eyes are similar. What I didn’t realise and now do, because of all the photographs taken on what was one of the happiest days of our lives, is that my smile is also like hers. So is my daughter’s.

I unearthed this delightful shot when searching through old photos at the request of my daughter who asked to have a old family wedding photographs (silver framed!) displayed at her wedding on a side table. The only actual wedding photograph I found of my parents was tiny – I could barely recognise them. Then I found this one – I didn’t recall having seen it before.  I instantly fell in love with it and felt it needed to be shared with our family and friends. They look so happy … it made me feel that they were with us.

The idea for the wedding was a really lovely one. There was a huge vase filled with deep bright pink peonies, surrounded by happy wedding faces from days gone by and lit by the warm glow from lots of ivory coloured candles. It was a very special table …

Smiles are the most welcoming gesture we have without actually touching a person.

They bridge space between us.

The instant a person smiles for you, you feel good, you feel warm, you feel liked – if you’re not already smiling, you smile back.


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