Weekly photo challenge: Movement – candles in the draft

Banana cake with chocolate and sherry icing … not enough candles to commemorate the 25 years…

Celebrating a birthday grandchildren-style … an evening in the company of the young ones

First movement: baking son’s favourite banana cake

Second movement: making the icing … chocolate …

Third movement: icing and decorating the cake with son’s favourite nuts

Fourth movement: sharing the placing of candles with partner’s nine-year old granddaughter

Fifth movement: sharing the lighting of candles with said granddaughter

Sixth movement: turning off all the lights in the room and tricking son into coming into room

Seventh movement: taking a photograph

Eighth movement: son blows out candles

Ninth movement: son cuts cake

Tenth and final movement: we all devour … yum yum yum yum yum!!!

Quite a lot of movement really …


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