A winter’s day in Wellington

You can’t beat Wellington on a good day

I participated a day-long photography workshop recently. It was on a farm about 30 minutes drive from my home.

We were asked to take a long an example of one of our favourite images. I spent ages going through all my files – getting more and more confused about what to take. But in the end, I took this one, or one very similar having taken several on this beautiful winter’s day two years ago.

I wouldn’t say that it got rubbished – not quite that. But there were suggestions that I should crop it horizontally making a long narrow strip of yachts and masts. Get rid of the red centrepiece, deepen the blue of the sky …. but this is what I saw! I loved what I saw on this day, and I photographed what spoke to me. A few minutes after the shutter clicked on this one, several ducklings waded into view. I snapped again and captured their movement with shafts of shimmering light …

I was reminded on this photo today while looking through my digital files. Today was a day just like the one in the photograph – clear, still, warm and sunny. Low winter sun – magic! I should have raced down to the waterfront with my camera to see if I could take a photo just like the one our tutor described.

But I still like this one…


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