Anyone for a muffin?

Snapped in a Dunedin cafe

Yesterday a muffin recipe from our local deli – Gipps Street Deli – was featured in the newspaper. Whoopee – one of my all-time favourites, Spinach and Feta with lots of tasty cheese. Although the deli changed hands recently, the new owners have continued making all our favourite neighbourhood treats…

I’ve tried to replicate the muffins several times but have never quite succeeded – close, but not exact. So, imagine my delight at seeing the recipe. I wonder if they’ve left anything out … do chefs do that?

Sometimes, on a Saturday morning, I’ll whip round to the deli and buy a couple for us to have later in the day with a cup of tea. They are best enjoyed after heating in the oven for five minutes, then lathering with butter. Divine.  And if I have to go to a workshop day – as I have to do this coming Saturday – I’ll duck in and buy one for my lunch.

You got it – my stomach rules!

My son was alongside me as I saw the recipe and whooped with delight. He grabbed his cell-phone and raced out of the room. Next thing, I hear a familiar ‘pling’ on my phone. Up pops a message: Great muffins … and a picture.

Not that we’re into outdoing each other, but his muffin (as pictured) had pumpkin and sesame seeds in addition to the spinach and feta!

If anyone would like me to share the recipe for our local deli’s muffins, just say the word … and I’ll post.


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