Weekly photo challenge: Wrong – never!

Just one of the errors on offer at Little and Friday

All the books are wrong when they attribute gazillions of calories to the harmless donut! There’s so much air in them …

It’s totally inconceivable and WRONG that something so delightful, so delectable and so delicious can also be bad for you.

Perhaps if I’d photographed a cross-section – you’d have seen the minute air particles in the dough. Fewer calories.

Note to readers: This scrumptiously wicked donut was NOT on my plate but on that of  a skinny looking woman two seats along from me. I suffered from the most dreadful pangs of food envy as it was placed on the table – which were satisfied, in part, by devouring the donut with my lens instead.

Confession time: I had just eaten, with feelings of extreme guilt and retribution, a seriously good lemon coconut and cream-filled sponge cake. Lemons are good for you … especially with strips of peel adding necessary and highly recommended fibre.

Anyone who dares tells me differently is WRONG.

Absolutely divine – and worth every diabetically guilt ridden thought!

Following every indulgence is a commitment to do better … right.

Photographed at Little and Friday, Auckland on Saturday 11 August.


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