Weekly photo challenge: Changing seasons

Sampling the best of summer fruit

Although strawberries are at their juiciest early in the season, I’m happy to gorge on them any time!

You’d be right in thinking I’s guided by my palette!

In Wellington, warm summer temperatures and long balmy days are mostly in our dreams. From October to December we are subject to winds and gales of the equinox – still days are few and far between. We get lulled into a false sense of security during three days of glorious weather, and are then sent scurrying for the heater when the southerly gales return.

Today is one such day.

It’s sunny, but the wind seems to be coming straight off the antarctic.

Only a few hours north of Wellington (by car) the trees, vines and furrows of Hawkes Bay are bearing fruit.

I always thought that our berries in New Zealand were the absolute best. On a trip to Europe in 2007, I was proved wrong. In Warsaw, the raspberrries and blueberries were not only far less expensive than here, they had the most magnificent intense flavour.

But that doesn’t really worry me now …

The seasons are changing – summer is on the way!


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