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Weekly photo challenge: Up

Up close and respectful of Zara

Up close and respectful of Zara

I must apologise to all of you lovely people who’ve chosen to follow my blog. My recent inactivity is due to total pre-occupation in securing a new job.

My life has taken a totally different turn. My new job is at Wellington Zoo – not as a keeper mind you. My new role is to ensure the business thrives now and into the future.

I am SO happy – as happy as a pig in clover in fact!

I am surrounded by the cheerful chatter of animals and children all day long. Every day I learn more about the wonderful animals we share our world with, and appreciate more the love and skills of those who care for them. It is fascinating and so rewarding. In the photograph I was being shown how to feed a lion (not that I need to in my job) – it was all about raising the tasty morsel of meat in my flat palm UP to the netting, and letting the lioness take the meat from me. My first two attempts were abysmal as fear made me pull my hand away too quickly.

But on my third attempt, I held my palm up and felt the gently stroke of Zara’s tongue, and the soft fur of her muzzle.

What an incredible privilege!

I love my new job … the idea of working in a zoo had never registered on my radar even though I absolutely love animals. I was determined to work in arts for the rest of my working life, honing my skills toward that end.

My surprising change in direction came as the result of a chance encounter.

Further endorsing what I have always told my children – make the most of every opportunity!