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Weekly photo challenge: From above

On the starting block ...

Stretching the truth …

The angle of the sun tells lies!

I stand at the magnificent height of 5′ 2 1/2″ – please don’t ask me the metric equivalent. I know it’s somewhere around 160cm…somewhere…

I don’t often feel tall among adults; why would I?

But there was one time – just one – where I simply towered.

Some years ago, while exploring Buenos Aires, I needed to use the bathroom in the local mall. I entered the room and dutifully joined the long queue outside the cubicles. Public loos are not really conducive to conversation, especially when you don’t speak the language so I kept my head bowed so as not to seem too nosey.

But in order to see how much longer I had to wait I raised my head and saw a line of heads reflected in the mirror in front of me. One was much higher than the others. I looked closer. It was me … a tall me! I was a good head and shoulders taller than anyone else.

What was my first thought?

After squaring my shoulders and rising to my full height, I chuckled to myself thinking that they might well be looking at the amazon in the line and envying my long legs!

They are so – not long!