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Weekly photo challenge: From above

On the starting block ...

Stretching the truth …

The angle of the sun tells lies!

I stand at the magnificent height of 5′ 2 1/2″ – please don’t ask me the metric equivalent. I know it’s somewhere around 160cm…somewhere…

I don’t often feel tall among adults; why would I?

But there was one time – just one – where I simply towered.

Some years ago, while exploring Buenos Aires, I needed to use the bathroom in the local mall. I entered the room and dutifully joined the long queue outside the cubicles. Public loos are not really conducive to conversation, especially when you don’t speak the language so I kept my head bowed so as not to seem too nosey.

But in order to see how much longer I had to wait I raised my head and saw a line of heads reflected in the mirror in front of me. One was much higher than the others. I looked closer. It was me … a tall me! I was a good head and shoulders taller than anyone else.

What was my first thought?

After squaring my shoulders and rising to my full height, I chuckled to myself thinking that they might well be looking at the amazon in the line and envying my long legs!

They are so – not long!

Weekly photo challenge: Up

Up close and respectful of Zara

Up close and respectful of Zara

I must apologise to all of you lovely people who’ve chosen to follow my blog. My recent inactivity is due to total pre-occupation in securing a new job.

My life has taken a totally different turn. My new job is at Wellington Zoo – not as a keeper mind you. My new role is to ensure the business thrives now and into the future.

I am SO happy – as happy as a pig in clover in fact!

I am surrounded by the cheerful chatter of animals and children all day long. Every day I learn more about the wonderful animals we share our world with, and appreciate more the love and skills of those who care for them. It is fascinating and so rewarding. In the photograph I was being shown how to feed a lion (not that I need to in my job) – it was all about raising the tasty morsel of meat in my flat palm UP to the netting, and letting the lioness take the meat from me. My first two attempts were abysmal as fear made me pull my hand away too quickly.

But on my third attempt, I held my palm up and felt the gently stroke of Zara’s tongue, and the soft fur of her muzzle.

What an incredible privilege!

I love my new job … the idea of working in a zoo had never registered on my radar even though I absolutely love animals. I was determined to work in arts for the rest of my working life, honing my skills toward that end.

My surprising change in direction came as the result of a chance encounter.

Further endorsing what I have always told my children – make the most of every opportunity!

Weekly photo challenge: Lost in the detail II

A visual feast!

A visual feast!

Lost in the detail of this yummy plateful of bruschetta (devoured last night at Wellington’s Maria Luca Restaurant) is the tangy taste of the fresh tomatoes, aubergine, feta and garlic and the delicate crunch of the lightly toasted ciabatta.

Oh my god – this dish was divine. And before you think we were short changed on the corner of the plate, two of my fellow diners whipped their first tastings off the plate before I could navigate the password on my cell-phone.

I will return to Maria Luca just to have another plate of bruschetta. Forget sharing – I’ll have one all for myself!

Weekly photo challenge: Lost in the details



When seen up close, these lifeless limbs take on new lives of their own. A tortoise reaching out for sunlight, a knarled snout hoping to catch some prey in it’s toothless jaws, fingers curling under…what do you see?

Photographed on the shores of Lake Taupo, New Zealand, 28 February 2013.

Weekly photo challenge: the Kiss

Nothing like a mother's love

Nothing like a mother’s love

This morning, camera in  hand, I took myself off to Wellington Zoo. I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t been there for years – since my now adult children were little! We’ve had such a gorgeous spell of weather lately and I decided that, in my ‘between jobs’ state, I should see for myself all the changes that have been made at the zoo in the intervening years.

I was not disappointed. In fact, I was totally entranced. I ended up spending the best part of three hours there vowing to myself to make regular visits from now on.

I could ramble on and on about the fabulous events Wellington Zoo offers, but it’s best to check out their website if you’re interested. I was prompted to go today because of an article in this morning’s Dominion Post about a baby Royal Penguin which had been found on Sunday at Tora Beach on the Wairarapa Coast. The sick penguin, after being cared for overnight, was taken to Wellington Zoo. Royal Penguins, the article tells us, live about 2000 kilometres distant on Macquarie Island where the temperatures is around 8 degrees celsius. A far cry from our recent temperatures in the high 20s.

When I arrived at the zoo, I was told that the penguin would be undergoing surgery in the Animal Hospital this morning. The Animal Hospital (called The Nest) is open viewing. The vets (microphones on) operate behind a large viewing window and describe what they’re doing and why. We watched as our little royal penguin friend was gently anaesthetised and and ten operated on. A large group of young school children sitting on the ground in front of the window watched in awe.

We all hope the wee fellow makes it; his chances aren’t that good.

Not far away, all the other animals either frolicked or lazed in the sun.

I hope you like this picture – there were two baby chimps in the enclosure, both being lovingly nurtured by their mothers. There were also some toddlers getting up to normal toddler mischief – they reminded me of my kids!

Weekly photo challenge: Unique

Poetry on the waterfront

Poetry on the waterfront

You’ll have to come to New Zealand to read the poetic inspirations dotted around Wellington’s waterfront – known as the Wellington Writers’ Walk. The challenge for tourists is to find all the quotes …

The series of large, concrete, typographic ‘text sculptures’ designed by award-winning Wellington typographer and graphic designer Catherine Griffiths are sited at various points along the waterfront.  Each sculpture contains a quote by a well-known New Zealand writer with strong Wellington connections. There are currently 11 text sculptures.

This sculpture features the words of Denis Glover (1912-1980).

from the pen of Denis Glover

from the pen of Denis Glover

Weekly photo challenge: Love

Enjoying Wellington Harbour, 29 Jan 2013

Enjoying Wellington Harbour, 29 Jan 2013

We love summer!

I went down to Wellington’s spectacular waterfront today to have in ice-cream. Being a diabetic, ice-creams are not recommended. However, having decided to treat myself to one (why not?) – it had to be the best on offer. If you’re going to sin, you might as well sin in style! An ice-cream from Kaffee Eis – plum to be exact. And it was worth every loving lick!

To compensate, I went extended my walk.

Photographed at lunchtime today – just one of the many people enjoying a brilliant summer’s day on the Wellington waterfront.