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Weekly photo challenge: Mine again

This time of day – it’s mine!

You should have by now discovered that my favourite time of day is early morning … the light is so beautiful, it’s peaceful and quiet … the only sounds being bird songs and – in this case – the surf washing gently up to the shore … shwish, swhish.

It’s so easy now to capture special moments, like this one, with my trusty phone come personal assistant come media player. I look at the photo and it evokes the feelings I experienced.

But this blog isn’t about possessions – it’s about the special moments that are MINE and MINE alone. Like my solitary meander among the tulips.

My emotional response to what I see is different to yours, different to anyone else.

It’s mine.

Photographed in the Noosa National Park, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. September 2012.


Weekly photo challenge: Purple-headed high-fliers

Yum yum yum – candy floss for breakfast

This very hungry bird is an Australian Lorikeet … a purple-headed beauty gorging at the feeding trough. I love the magnificent colours – especially the purple – of these cheeky birds, they look so vibrant as they flit from branch to branch.

I had to get out of bed very early for my date with the Lorikeets. Watching them suck on the ‘candy floss’ (cotton candy for my American friends) was very entertaining. They preferred to eat than to perch still while I tried to focus!

Photographed on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.