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Weekly photo challenge: Urban 2


Nothing quite like watching other people work!

I got really excited when the urban challenge was set – I’ve so many street scene images. I love them …

I had intended to post a new urban picture every night this week showing you scenes that had caught my eye. However, other things got in the way and I failed! So here I sit on a Friday night – one more opportunity before this challenge expires and the next is set.

So rather than take you to another country, in another time – here’s another street scene from Buenos Aires. Still in the Caminita.

If anyone knows the translation for ‘Desvio’ I’d be very grateful.

Of course, I could look it up myself, but that wouldn’t be as much fun.


Weekly photo challenge: Urban 1

Urban chic

When I saw the theme for this weeks challenge, I immediately thought of this photo taken in 2006 on a visit to Buenos Aires. I’ve always loved this photo with its combination of urban grunge and style.

I hope it appeals to you too.

Photographed in the Caminita District, Buenos Aires, Argentina.