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Changing my mind …

Very hard to resist this ...

Minds are made for changing – I’ve recently written a blog on this topic. What I haven’t written about is my notorious habit of changing my mind in cafes and restaurants.

I deliberate at length over the menu – even when it’s short – place my order and then change it.

I might see a yummy looking dish on it’s way to some other lucky punter, experience menu envy, then regret my choice. By that stage it could be too late to change it, but if it isn’t, I will.

This morning my partner and I thought we’d have breakfast at our favorite cafe, Nikau. We know the menu off by heart … it hasn’t changed significantly in the years we’ve been going there. I could recite it for you …

Still, we went in, ordered our drinks – a long black and english breakfast tea – and said ‘thank you’ to a copy of the beautifully presented menu. I’m always a sucker for their fresh fruit salad and yoghurt (with a portion of muesli on the side) or their delicious hot and steamy porridge with caramelised apples and slivered almonds. But I’ve been trying to be really good lately and have reverted to having a simple boiled egg (four minutes!) with wholegrain toast.

I’ve also been trying diligently to stem my mind-changing habit. Of giving my order to the lovely waiting staff, then racing after them to change it to something else.

This morning the owner Paul served us. We always have a chat about something (usually football or rugby) and then he tells us, knowing how Dave hates them, that the only fruit on the menu is banana. The he asks me what my order is, and then what I’d like to change it to.

So to myself, I said fresh fruit and yoghurt (with muesli on the side), but to Paul I said ‘one boiled egg with a slice of wholegrain toast, please.’

It took so much resolve to stay in my seat, keep my lips firmly sealed and stick with the plan.