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Weekly photo challenge: Beyond the Pohutukawa trees

From the summit of the Mount

From the summit of the Mount

In New Zealand, the red blooms of the Pohutukawa tree herald the arrival of summer. The theory goes, that the early the flowering, the longer the summer.

This summer the Pohutukawa flowers have been spectacular. So has the summer – intermittently

I took this photograph while climbing to the summit of Mount Maunganui (on the Coromandel Peninsula) early in the morning on New Year’s Day. I was not alone; many other walkers and runners started the year with the same good intention.

I loved our few days spent in Mount Maunganui. Great beaches, great surf, great food -surrounded by beauty. Hidden by the tree on the right hand corner of this image is Tauranga. Mount Maunganui Beach is to the extreme left, with Pilot Beach (lined by Norfolk Pines) is centre.

Pohutukawa blooms below.

New Zealand native Pohutukawa ... close association with Christmas and summer

New Zealand native Pohutukawa … our Christmas flower


Weekly photo challenge: Deliciously delicate

Mills Reef Mille Feuille

Delightful, delectable and delicious – my mille feuille at Mills Reef Winery

I know the week this challenge was put out, is long gone. In the absence of another challenge, here is my interpretation of delicate.

Diabetes be damned – there are plenty of days in the year for denial and this wasn’t one of them. I lovingly savoured every heavenly mouthful.

Mills Reef Winery is situated in the little hamlet of Bethlehem in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty – not far from Tauranga. A fabulous destination with great food.