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Weekly photo challenge: Unique

Poetry on the waterfront

Poetry on the waterfront

You’ll have to come to New Zealand to read the poetic inspirations dotted around Wellington’s waterfront – known as the Wellington Writers’ Walk. The challenge for tourists is to find all the quotes …

The series of large, concrete, typographic ‘text sculptures’ designed by award-winning Wellington typographer and graphic designer Catherine Griffiths are sited at various points along the waterfront.  Each sculpture contains a quote by a well-known New Zealand writer with strong Wellington connections. There are currently 11 text sculptures.

This sculpture features the words of Denis Glover (1912-1980).

from the pen of Denis Glover

from the pen of Denis Glover

Weekly photo challenge: Love

Enjoying Wellington Harbour, 29 Jan 2013

Enjoying Wellington Harbour, 29 Jan 2013

We love summer!

I went down to Wellington’s spectacular waterfront today to have in ice-cream. Being a diabetic, ice-creams are not recommended. However, having decided to treat myself to one (why not?) – it had to be the best on offer. If you’re going to sin, you might as well sin in style! An ice-cream from Kaffee Eis – plum to be exact. And it was worth every loving lick!

To compensate, I went extended my walk.

Photographed at lunchtime today – just one of the many people enjoying a brilliant summer’s day on the Wellington waterfront.

Weekly photo challenge: I-loo-mination

Putting the loo in illumination

Putting the loo in illumination

These dresses were part of the annual New Zealand Fashion Week which includes a category for young designers to design and construct a cocktail dress made only from toilet paper. The results, many taking hours and hours of painstaking work, are clever and stunning.

This year’s winner was spectacular! You can check it out using the following link: Toilet paper dress designs

I have a couple of other photos taken at this parade, but they only show one dress at a time. This one at least gives you an idea …

Weekly photo challenge: Geometry 2

A blogger at work

This one geometric sphere was part of an exhibition on Wellington’s waterfront some months ago. This work is one of several identical mirrored objects of Memetic Brotherhood by artist Peter Trevelyan.

Another angle

The exhibition was not a permanent one. The site is used for different exhibitions of outdoor sculptures which change every few months. There have been some absolutely stunning works over the past couple of years – but this has is my favourite to date.

Geometry …

The exhibition space is in front of The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington.


Weekly photo challenge: Geometry answered

Another perspective …

My last post was a shot taken of this same structure and I asked if anyone would like to hazard a guess as to what and where it is.

I took this photograph in Melbourne – Federation Square to be precise. The building is a combines an arts centre, art gallery and a small shopping precinct. It’s pretty incredible, a real feat of engineering! Plus loads of windows to clean….

Tomorrow, on the same theme, I’ll show you something closer to home.